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Steel Box Beam Welding Line

    1. Steel Beam Baffle Assembly Machine
    2. Steel Beam Baffle Assembly Machine The steel beam baffle assembly machine is the specified equipment for assembling and welding of stiffener inside the box beam. The entire machine operation is simple. It mainly consists of under-frame, rotating table, rotary gear, press device, pneumatic element and pipeline etc.
    1. CO2 Backing Weld Machine
    2. CO2 Backing Weld Machine The CO2 backing weld machine is mainly used for gas shielded backing welding for assembling finished box beam. The machine is equipped with gas shielded welding torch, wire feeder, seam tracking frame, lifting welding arm etc., so that it can carry out automatic backing welding for groove welding seam of assembling finished box beam.
    1. Steel Box Beam Assembling Machine
    2. Steel Box Beam Assembling Machine According to the processing requirements of the box girder, the four cover plates should be firmly fitted with the internal baffle to prevent the molten slag from leaking out during electroslag welding. Meanwhile, the internal baffles are distributed on the whole workpiece at intervals.
    1. Electroslag Welding Machine
    2. Electroslag Welding Machine The electroslag welding machine can be used for welding of the internal vertical welding seam between the box girder cover plate and the internal baffle. So it is an essential equipment for box girder production. It can be divided into two types according to the electroslag welding method: consumable guide electroslag welding and electroslag welding with wire electrode.
    1. Submerged Arc Welding Machine
    2. Submerged Arc Welding Machine The submerged arc welding machine is mainly used for submerged arc welding of assembling finished box girder. The backing welding and electroslag welding (ESW) finished box girder will be transported to the processing station of submerged welding. It is put on the work frame with welding seam side up.
    1. End Face Milling Machine
    2. End Face Milling Machine The end face milling machine is mainly used for end face milling of box girder, H beam, foundation, valve etc. It can realize automated milling with high efficiency and high precision. The max dimension of the end face of workpiece which can be milled is 1500×1200mm.
    1. Cart-on-Track Conveyor
    2. Cart-on-Track Conveyor The cart-on-track conveyor mainly has two functions: traveling and lifting. It is safer than traveling crane hoisting because the workpiece to be transported is has smaller ground clearance. This conveyor has simple structure, convenient operation and stable running.
    1. Roller Conveyor System
    2. Roller Conveyor System The roller conveyor system can accomplish workpiece transportation among various relative equipment of various process according to the production process of the box beam. It can meet the transportation requirements of box beam production line. It adopts electrical control technology with full consideration of transport and control requirements among various processing stations.

The box beam can be used in high-rise and super high-rise buildings and large scale bridges etc. The box beam is generally rectangle or square because it consists of four plates which can form pipe bearing structure. The box beam has good rigidity, light weight, high intensity, so we can pour concrete into it, thus forming a special ring clamping concrete-steel column structure which has good axial load, bending moment bearing capacity, horizontal force bearing capacity. The box beam can also be equipped with additional baffle inside it.

Box beam processing procedure

Production line
The steel box beam welding line is the specific production line for box beam. It can carry out the full assembly line of box beam from cutting, box beam assembly, backing welding, electroslag welding, submerged arc welding, end face milling etc.

Finished products
Technical parameter
Box-beam height 300-1200mm
Box beam width 300-1200mm
Welding speed 0.25-0.75 m/min (depending on welding technology)
Welding type Fillet welding in downhand
Welding wire diameter 3.0-5.0mm
Control mode Frequency conversion steeples speeding
SAW welding system DC1000 *2sets, Lincoln USA/ MZ1000,China

Technical features
The steel box beam welding line has the following features

1. This welding line has the following equipment sets: steel box beam assembling machine, 180 degree steel beam overturn equipment, electroslag welding machine, submerged arc welding machine, end face milling machine etc. It can be used for box beam baffle assembly, U-type, box beam assembly, hydraulic overturn, electroslag welding, backing welding, submerged arc welding, end face milling etc.
2. Jinfeng has 13 CNC machining centers, 6 machining centers of more than 3 meters. The main machine rack is processed by the CNC machining center after being welded, thus ensuring the installation precision and service life of the machine.
3. Most of the quick-wear parts is processed by Jinfeng, so we have rich stock to ensure in-time after-service.

Jinfeng introduction
Jinfeng Welding & Cutting Machinery Manufacture Co., Ltd hires senior engineers from ESAB to lead mechanical department, electrical department and software department. There are 80 people in the team in total. They will carry out development and design of various structural steel H beam production lines, so that we have technical guarantee.
Jinfeng has strong production capacity: we have 13 imported CNC machining centers, 3 4mx12m large machining centers and 300 equipment sets such as CNC grinding machine, drilling machine and milling machine etc.
We also have specified hardware processing workshop, plate welding workshop, assembly shop, packaging shop, painting and drying shop etc.
The key part of the complete steel box beam welding line is rack assembly which is carried out by CNC machining center. Meanwhile, it can be multi-surface processed. So the installation precision and machine service life can be ensured.