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Friction Stir Welding Machine

    1. Rotation Friction Stir Welding Machine
    2. Rotation Friction Stir Welding Machine The rotation friction stir welding is a solid-phase jointing technique. During the rotation friction stir welding, a special cylindrical shaft shoulder and the pin-convex rotation head are rotated and inserted into the workpiece to be welded. The friction between the rotation head and the material to be welded will generate friction heat which can heat plastify the material.
    1. Friction Stir Welding Machine
    2. Friction Stir Welding Machine t adopts small gantry structure with high rigidity and good cost performance.
      This welding machine adopts dimensional surface parallel welding: 0-12mm; micro welding: 0.2-1.2mm.
      The drive system of the lathe has the following advantages: simple structure, high driving precision and fast speed.
    1. Friction Stir Welding Pin
    2. Friction Stir Welding Pin By comparison and selection of raw material, heat treatment process and procedure of friction stir welding pin, Jinfeng has realized standardization of hundreds of friction stir welding pin. There are many welding types including butt welding, overlap welding, butt and overlap welding, welding with different thickness, double overlap welding, angle welding etc.
    1. Friction Stir Welding Fixture
    2. Friction Stir Welding Fixture The friction stir welding can realize welding of various welding joint such as angle joint, V-shaped joint, multilayer joint, T shaped joint etc. The friction stir welding machine can be equipped with different friction stir welding fixtures to realize welding such as plane longitudinal joint, cylinder longitudinal joint and circumferential weld, planar two-dimensional curve, three dimensional 2-curve etc.