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Friction Stir Welding Pin

Standardization and seriation of Jinfeng stir head

By comparison and selection of raw material, heat treatment process and procedure of friction stir welding pin, Jinfeng has realized standardization of hundreds of friction stir welding pin. There are many welding types including butt welding, overlap welding, butt and overlap welding, welding with different thickness, double overlap welding, angle welding etc.

The friction stir welding pin us suitable for welding of all series of aluminum alloy, magnesium alloy, copper alloy, some kinds of high temperature alloy and titanium alloy etc.

Custom service of friction stir welding pin
Jinfeng has successfully developed dual shoulder friction stir welding pin, stationary shoulder friction stir welding pin, friction stir welding pin and friction stir welding pin which can be pulled back. In order to further satisfying customers' requirements, we also provide OEM service for friction stir welding pin. We can produce high precision friction stir welding pin with complicated structure according to customers' requirements (drawings, technical parameters).

It's worth noting that the relative process parameters of friction stir welding is needed besides the specific friction stir welding machine and pin in order to realize welding with fashion appearance and good cost performance. Jinfeng can provide customization service of specific friction stir welding pin and relative process parameters for industrial enterprises which have been equipped with friction stir welding machine, thus greatly reducing the development cost and time.

Finished products
Technical parameter
No Tools Type For Materials Welding structure Welding Style Thickness Typical Products Cooperation Style
1 Conventional FSW tools Al-alloy 1-D butt-joint 1~100mm Heat sink Standard Tools
2 Bobbin FSW tools Mg-alloy 2-D lap joint 1~20mm Wainscot Custom-built
3 Retractable FSW tools Cu-alloy Circumferential butt & lap 1~20mm Circumferential Plate test
4 Stationary Shoulder tools Lead-alloy Longitudinal different thickness 1~40mm Box Tools +SOP
5 Liquid cooled tools Steel-alloy 3-D two-sides 1~10mm Flange Solution in application
6 Other special tools Ti-alloy Line of intersection corner 1~10mm Others FSW Solution

Jinfeng introduction
Jinfeng Welding & Cutting Machinery Manufacture Co., Ltd hires senior engineers from ESAB to lead mechanical department, electrical department and software department. There are 80 people in the team in total. They will carry out development and design of various structural steel H beam production lines, so that we have technical guarantee.

Jinfeng has strong production capacity: we have 13 imported CNC machining centers, 3 4mx12m large machining centers, so that the annual output of various assembly machine is 1000.

We have a stable sales team. All the members of the sales team have more than 10 years of experience in service, so that they can provide customers with various consultation and services rapidly, in time and expertly. Our executive vice president leads an after-sales service team of 30 employees, so that they can provide 24-hour after-sales service all year round.

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