H Steel Beam Submerged Arc Welding Machine

The H steel beam submerged arc welding machine is the key equipment on the H beam horizontal production line. The standardized production line is equipped with two machines: front horizontal assembly welding machine and back horizontal assembly welding machine. This is the front horizontal assembly welding machine. It can be used to carry out single side welding of H beam assembling parts which is formed by end spot welding so that the parts can become H beam.

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Applicable H beam flange slab width 150~500 mm
Applicable H beam flange slab thickness 5~20 mm
Applicable H beam web height 300~1200 mm
Applicable H beam web thickness 4~12 mm
Applicable H beam length range 5~15 m
Applicable structural steel variable cross-section drift angle ≤ 15°
Welding speed 800~2100 mm/min
Mechanical power 9.4 kW
Input roller bed length 15 m
Output roller bed length 15 m
Base machine total width 4370 mm
Base machine total length 1900 mm
Base machine total height 3610 mm

1. The base machine frame of the H steel beam submerged arc welding machine is welded and processed by the whole rectangular tube with large cross section so that it has beautiful appearance, high precision and good intensity.
2. This machine carries out assembling and welding at the same time: the workpiece can be installed and welded to form H beam only by short distance end spot welding.
3. The welding adopts single arc double wire fillet welding which can realize two welds welding on one side at the same time, so that is has fast welding speed, small welding deformation and high automation degree.
4. The whole lifting sliding table is a lifter controlled by electric motor, so that the adjustment is simple and fast. And you should only adjust once for each batch of workpiece, so that it can save time and labor.

The H steel beam submerged arc welding machine consists of welding base machine and front and back transport roller conveyors. The base machine is equipped with two welding heads so that it can realize two welds welding on the same side of the H beam. The two welding heads are both single arc double wire welding. And the flux can be automatically fed and recycled. The base machine has gantry structure. The H beam can be transported into the base machine by roller conveyor. And it will be sent out by output roller conveyor after welding. This is the production line working method of moving weldment and fixed base machine.

Jinfeng introduction
Jinfeng Welding & Cutting Machinery Manufacture Co., Ltd hires senior engineers from ESAB to lead mechanical department, electrical department and software department. There are 80 people in the team in total. They carry out development and design of various structural steel H beam production lines, so that we have technical guarantee.

Jinfeng has strong production capacity: we have 13 imported CNC machining centers, 3 4mx12m large machining centers, so that the annual output of various structural steel production line is 100.

The sales team is stable. All the members of the sales team have more than 10 years of experience in service, so that they can provide customers with various consultation and services rapidly, in time and expertly. Our executive vice president leads an after-sales service team of 30 employees, so that they can provide 24-hour after-sales service all year round.

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