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Gantry Plasma Cutting Machine

The gantry plasma cutting machine can be used for cutting metal which can hardly be cut by oxygen by matching with different working gas. It has especially remarkable cutting effects on nonferrous metals such as stainless steel, carbon steel, aluminum, copper, titanium, nickel or metal with small thickness.

The common gantry cutting machine is widely used for the following industries: car-parts, pressure vessel, chemical machinery, nuclear industry, general machinery, engineering machinery, steel structure etc.

The gantry plasma cutting machine can also be equipped with flame cutting function which can be used for cutting steel plate of which the width is more than 25mm.

Model AG-400 AG-500 AG-600
Span 4000mm 5000mm 6000mm
Effective cutting width 3200mm 4200mm 5200mm
Rail length 14000mm (extended according to
customer requirements)
Effective cutting length Rail length-2000mm
Cutting torch carriage 2 sets
CNC single flame cutting torch Optional
Guide rail level 43kg/m
Operating direction Left
Wiring method Suspension
Paint Blue
CNC system Hypertherm MicroEDGDPro
Nesting software FastCAm (Pro)
Max travel speed of the complete machine 0.1~12m/min
Cutting torch lifting distance 200mm
Linear positioning accuracy ±0.5mm/10m
Linear repeatability ±0.4mm/10m
Marking precision ≤0.5mm
Set-speed error ≤±5%
Cut surface roughness Ra12.5~25
Automatic height adjustment precision ≤0.5mm
Longitudinal drive Bilateral drive
Alternate functions Perforation with third level air supply, groove cutting, fine hole cutting

The gantry plasma cutting machine has fast cutting speed. For example, the cutting speed of general carbon steel sheet can be 5~6 times the oxygen cutting speed. It has smooth cutting surface, small thermal deformation, and nearly no heat affected zone.

Detail of Gantry Plasma Cutting Machine

Description of component parts
1. Beam: it adopts the structure of square tube butt welding, so that it has good rigidity, high precision, light weight and small inertia. All the welded structures adopt vibration aging for stress relief, so that the structural deformation can be effectively prevented.
2. Transverse/longitudinal drive: they both adopt precision gear and rack (precision: 7) drive. The cross rail adopts the linear guide imported from Taiwan, while the longitudinal guide rails are precisely processed by special steel rail, thus ensuring the stable operation, high precision, durability and clean and beautiful appearance of the cutting machine; It adopts planetary gear reducer to slow down, so that it can perfectly ensure the movement precision and degree of balance.
3. Longitudinal drive frame (end frame): two ends of the longitudinal drive frame is equipped with horizontal guide wheel which can be used for adjustment of compaction degree of the eccentric gear equipped on the bottom of the drive frame to the rail, so that the complete machine has stable guiding during the machine movement. The frame is equipped with dust remover which can remove the dust accumulated on the rail at any time.
4. The drive system adopts world leading products-AC servo drive imported from Panasonic, Japan/domestic servo drive, so that the running of the complete machine is more stable, the speed range is wider and the acceleration time is shorter; you can also choose domestic servo motor with good cost performance which is cheap and durable.
5. The lifting unit adopts alloy steel; the lifting guide adopts linear rail; the lifting adopts ball screw.
6. The machine is equipped with automatic programming system which is easy to use, so that the CNC programming can be no longer complex.
7. The CNC control system is independently developed by Jinfeng which is the most stable and ultra-strong interference-resistant. We can also provide optional world known brand FAGOR or Hypertherm.

Additional functions option

1. Single flame cutting torch
1. The single flame cutting torch is mainly used for I shaped cutting of arbitrary geometry.
2. It can be used for various geometric figures cutting at the same time.
3. Each air inlet is equipped with flashback arrestor to prevent flashback of cutting torch.
4. The outer surface of the air tube in high temperature zone adopts stainless steel woven mesh to prevent air tube aging and protect the air tube from the damaging of spattering sparks.
5. The regulating hand valve on the cutting torch can be used to adjust the mixing ratio of oxygen and flammable gas or the cutting flame level.
6. The max cutting thickness of the single flame cutting torch is 200mm. If the required max cutting thickness is 300mm, please indicate it in the contract.

2. Powder marking device
Powder marking is an important method in cutting process. It has the following functions: displaying the cutting shape to test that whether the cutting program is correct or not; pre-indicating the welding lines; fixed point marking; marking for follow-up processing. The white line of 0.8-1mm is sintered on the steel plate surface. There will not be color fading for quite long time. The color fading is directly controlled by the computer.

3. Flame triple/ fourfold torch straight-line bevel station
The flame triple/fourfold torch straight-line bevel station is mainly used for steel plate straight-line bevel cutting. Three groups of flame torches are respectively installed on the torch shifting bar. It can carry out up bevel, straight line and bottom bevel cutting at the same time. We can get the bevel with highly precise remaining root by the height adjusting unit of the flame triple/fourfold torch straight-line bevel station. The cutting bevel can be divided into V, X, Y, K type etc. The adjustment range of the bevel cutting angle is 0-45°. There is a certain relationship between the bevel cutting angle and plate thickness, so the cutting thickness of this unit is limited. The max cutting thickness is 75mm. This unit can be equipped with additional preheating cutting torch and large angle bevel cutting torch (fourfold torch).

4. Inkjet marking device
The inkjet marking device is the last auxiliary function after cutting. It is mainly used for symbol printing on cutting finished parts from plate. According to different requirements, it can realize printing with different range of height and width, front and back printing and printing of variables and invariant on the same line. All the date, time, shape and programmable logo can be printed.

The symbol printed by this device is clear. The device has some other advantages: low failure rate, high printing speed. Meanwhile, it adopts rotary electric motors in order to get additional control axis, so that it can realize rotation printing. The printing is quite smooth. You can also get the following effects:
1) The amount of recorded information on the steel plate can be greatly increased.
2) The inkjet marking device can protect the operators from stoop labor.
3) The device can reduce clerical error and cognitive error of manual marking.
4) It can realize high speed printing by adopting automatic traveling, thus ensuring extremely high production efficiency.
5) The word printing speed can be up to 12m/min.

5. Rotation torch/ Contour bevel torch/Curve cutting torch
The rotation torch adopts rotation and deflection structure of which the cutting torch will rotate around the cutting center point, and the cutting torch has a deflection angle of ±45°. It can realize cutting of geometric curve fixed bevel and variational bevel by recombination of rotation angle and deflection angle. The upper side of the workpiece cutting point is the original point of horizontal rotation and longitudinal deflection. This structure can not only realize ±540° rotation of the cutting torch, it can also realize cutting point and deflection point overlapping which can prevent cutting angle deviation. The cutting torch is also equipped with primary positioning and anti-collision units, so the plasma cutting torch is safer and more reliable.

6. Double torch/Twin torch
The adjusting distance between the two cutting torches of flame double torch/twin torch is 80mm-200mm. The double torch is mainly used for plate material I shaped cutting of arbitrary geometry. By adopting automatic nesting system, the double torch can realize optimal combination of the parts to be cut, thus realizing relatively high plate utilization and optimal cutting path. Several groups of single flame cutting torch can be installed on the portal frame. The linkage of the torches carried out by steel belt can realize cutting of identical parts or symmetrical parts.

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